CLASSIC - Seven Zone mattress
"With an all-in-one latex content of up to 93%, the seven-zone design provides the required support for all parts of the body, so you can lie down and enjoy a good sleep."

Product Introduction

93% natural latex content

Flexible and elastic, one shape, sleep upgrade.

Zone 7 Design Care for your spine

The large hole is soft to release pressure, and the small hole is hard to support, to maintain the natural extension of the spine.

Comfortable and breathable without dampness and sweat

Latex honeycomb structure + external open porosity timely heat dissipation and ventilation.

Silent silent deep sleep longer

Sitting up at night does not produce noise that disturbs other people's sleep.

Bacteriostatic, anti-mite and formaldehyde-free

Pregnant women, the elderly can also rest assured to use

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