Thailand's Outstanding E-commerce Brand Award
Seeking The Essence Of Better Sleep
We believe that falling into deep sleep naturally and easily is a better state of sleep.Therefore, nittaya has always adhered to the "natural selection/green production", committed to exploring the materials and elements conducive to sleep from nature, and with the leading technology and technology, they are applied to products, and strive to provide our customers with a more comfortable, high-quality and healthy sleep experience.
Natural selection
Gold latex production area emulsion
Green production
Second generation Dunlop process, free of formaldehyde and fragrance
Gold quality
92%+ natural latex content, high elastic and durable
Technological innovation
Continue to explore new technologies, new materials and new designs
Born By Nature
Enhanced By Science
In the future, through the integration of resources, the research and development of new materials, and the exploration of new technologies, the brand will gradually develop into a brand that provides complete sleep arc products, and expand the product coverage to all aspects of the whole sleep environment such as touch, sound, light, color, temperature, smell, etc., so as to become a professional overall solution provider for sleep ecology.
— Brand honor —
Tmall best partner
Global home dark horse awards
The most popular brand among consumers
— Product patent —
Since its inception in 1985, it has provided quality sleep solutions to tens of millions of families.
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