How to choose latex pillows?
First: What thickness and density of pillow should you choose?

When purchasing a new pillow, you should choose according to the position you sleep at night.

Latex pillows have a variety of thickness, a variety of density, our recommendations: the best choice of lying flat is general thickness, medium density pillow; A thicker pillow with a higher density is used for lying on the side, and a softer pillow should be used for lying on the stomach.

If according to age, the general age is more suitable for choosing a thick pillow with a higher density, the younger should choose a thinner one, and the other should be considered from the personal weight and preferences.

Second: How to distinguish the true and false latex pillow?

1、smell: natural latex pillow will emit a light smell of frankincense This taste is the smell of latex pillow itself, is non-toxic and harmless, is the characteristics of other pillows do not have.

2、Look: Latex pillows have countless honeycomb pores that hold more air than other fibers. These holes can discharge the residual heat and moisture discharged by the human body, which can promote natural ventilation and provide a natural air conditioning system, so that the air inside the pillow remains fresh and healthy, and can maintain a comfortable feeling every season. Summer use can be more deeply feel its refreshing comfort

3、touch: feel comfortable, like a baby's skin soft and smooth like skin texture, sweaty hands contact latex pillow will make latex yellow.

4、pressure: the latex pillow will quickly rebound when pressed down by hand.

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