Common problems with latex pillows
First: What is a latex pillow?
Latex pillow is made of natural latex foam, there are two main processes in the world, one is TALALAY (TALALAY), the other is DUNLOP.
Second: What are the main differences between TALALAY process and DUNLOP process?
TALALAY's production process consists of mixing, injection molding, vacuuming (that is, flushing CO2), freezing, vulcanization, washing, drying, etc. DUNLOP's basic process consists of mixing, foaming, injection molding, evaporation, washing, drying, etc. Obviously, Talalay process adopts the physical foaming principle (i.e. vacuum absorption), while DUNLOP process adopts the chemical foaming principle. The biggest difference is that one is the foam after injection and the other is the foam after injection, so the cost and difficulty of TALALAY process are far greater than DUNLOP process.
Third: What is the difference between the products of the two processes?
Latex foamed by Talalay process has an open cell structure, while Dunlop foamed latex has a closed cell structure. Therefore, latex pillow made by Talalay process has the advantages of better elasticity and better breathable parts, especially in the process of ocean transportation, products made by TALALAY process can be compressed to about 1/3 of the transportation. This can save a lot of freight, but the process is complicated, the cost is high, and it is difficult to develop new products, while the products of Dunlop process have the advantages of low cost, fast development and high cost performance.
Fourth: Why do natural latex pillows smell?
Natural latex itself has a smell, this smell is environmentally friendly and harmless, and will slowly disappear in the air, it will not affect our health, if you have a certain aversion to this smell, we suggest that you in the early use, you can add some incense products between the pillow and the pillowcase or put it in a ventilated dry place for a few days before use. So you can barely detect the smell of rubber.
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